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Re: Classic Windoze lockup while in X (Gnome)

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 11:40:22AM -0700, Paul Scott wrote:

| So it is true that even though Linux should almost never crash that X 
| lockups like this happen and that there is no way to kill the X session 
| from the same machine when it happens?

It can happen.  If X isn't responding, for some reason, but it is
consuming all keyboard/mouse input then that keyboard and mouse can't
do anything unless X decides to respond.  This is why it can be very
useful to have another keyboard attached to the system in some way,
either a console on a serial line or via ssh from another machine.

I've had some X lockups before, but usually ssh/telnet-ing in and
killing the offending app (not necessarily all of X) will correct the

BTW, networking 2 machines is really easy.  All you need are a couple
lines in /etc/interfaces and a (crossover) cable connecting the 2
NICs.  Alternatively you could get a switch or hub and use a
straight-through cable for each NIC to the switch/hub.


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