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libc6 upgrade problems

Hi all,

In an attempt to get the IPMASQADM package up and running I went and
upgraded to libc6 2.2.3-9 (or whatever the trailing numbers are). Well now a
heap of stuff has compatibility issues. I tried removing the new libc6 to
reinstall the old one .. just to make sure that's what had caused all the
problems, but I haven't been able to figure out how. DPKG, APT-GET and
DSELECT all refuse to let me delete libc6 because of all the dependencies.

So is there an easy way to upgrade the packages that depend on libc6 so that
they're compatible with the newer version.

I tried

apt-get upgrade

apt-get -f install 

both of which did something, but didn't fix my problems.

Any help will be much appreciated 


PS The two main applications that seem to have been affected by this mess

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