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Re: Debian box unable to HTTP to www.nai.com - FIXED

On 10 Aug 2001 13:31:32 -0500, Michael Heldebrant wrote:
> Apparently the hero didn't notice the evil villian twirling his
> handlebar moustache, hiding in the shadows.

Oh, the villian is a given. It's just trying to figure out which of the
townsfold was not given the love they needed as a child. :)
> What kernel version are you running on your test machine, ftp server,
> and mail relays?  If it's 2.4.x on the mail relay do you have something
> like congestion notification on?

The test machine, mail relay and FTP server are all 2.4.x kernels with
Woody as the flavor. All packages current as of today. 

The mail relay is the first to use the 2.4.7 stock kernel
however...Egads! Could that be it? Our hero, blinded by triumph so neigh
at hand that he didn't realize, just didn't remember, that in giving
into the need for speed he didn't roll his own kernel and has been
bitten by a well known configuration error bespoke of so many times in
the past? Oh, the agony, the sorrow of having overlooked something

Gasp! Salt poured into the fresh wounds! A quick search locating the
offending command and the /proc directive to disable it prove it the
culprit! Oh, our hero will need to strive valiantly in the future to
overcome the stigma of this encounter with his Nemesis. This severly
hinders his chance to win the girl's heart that he has courted for so
long! Oh the tragedy!

But much thanks to you, friend! May you want naught for a helping hand
and good company. You, Sir, are a gentleman. 

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