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Re: PCMCIA in 2.4 kernels doesn't work

On 09 Aug 2001 18:25:29 +0200, Stefan Baums wrote:

> If, however, I compile the separate pcmcia-source package for use with
> the 2.4 kernel, everything works just fine.

I don't have access to my laptop now, but I remember to have read
(probably in README of pcmcia-source package) that If you want things to
Just Work, the separate package is the way to go. 2.4.x kernel doesn't
support a lot of cards that are supported by pcmcia-sources. I also had
trouble with the 2.4.x kernel driver for my pcmcia card which also works
fine with the pcmcia-source package
I don't think it's worth the trouble to try and get it to work with
2.4.x drivers if they work the other way anyhow.

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