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RE: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

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From: Kurt Lieber [mailto:kurtl@pair.com]
Sent: vrijdag 3 augustus 2001 8:15
To: 'William Leese'; debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: RE: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

> You have to join the linux computer to the domain, which
> requires some level of admin privilages.  (We'll assume you
> have those)
> %>smppasswd -j domainname -r NetBIOS-name-of-PDC  (which the
> linux box needs to be able to resolve, either by broadcast,
> /etc/hosts or your samba lmhosts file (which should be in the
> same directory as your smb.conf file)

No luck I'm afraid (yes, I corrected the typo :).

I used: smbpassd -j DOMAIN -r pdchostname

which just gives me a listing of the available parameters.

Afterwhich i tried:

smbpassd -s -j DOMAIN -r pdchostname -U <usernamefordomain>

No luck, just  bunch of errors which I should have copied and sent to the
mailinglist, heh. But I don't think I'm going about this right. smbpassd is
only for changing user passwords correct?

Does anyone have this working with Konqueror?


William Leese

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