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Re: DNS [subtopic: Re: Internet Connection Sharing, was: Re: Ethernet]

hi ya

your gateway ip# is something that your ISP gives you...

if you are using dhcp... your isp will define your ip#, gateway and dns
info ... 

if you are using static ip#... you will be given your ip# range...
	- "machine A" is your gateway and firewall
	- you pick which ip# you want to use as your gateway...
	- you pick your own machine name and domain name etc..
	- you run your own dns .... ( reverse dns might be trickier )

In either case above...
	- all other machines in your lan, will connect to the 2nd NIC port
	on machine A  with a local 192.168.1.x ip#
	- machine A will need to have ip_forward turned on and other
	options ... and you'd need to do ip_masq too

	- see the IP_Masquerate-HOWTO and the Firewall-HOWTO

machine B points all its services to machine a...
	- machine A is the gateway for machine B
	- machine A is the dns for machine B
	- machine A is the ???  for machine B

-- consider it fun .... and not as bad/big of a pain in the rumps..

have fun playing/learning
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On Fri, 3 Aug 2001 JakeCatfox@aol.com wrote:

> But, how do I configure Machine B to accept the internet access from Machine 
> A? Here is my configuration right now:
> Machine A:
> Windows 98 / Linux [ would like to run net sharing from both OS'es ]
> Default Gateway set to Machine A's IP
> Domain and DNS match ISP
> [ what is gateway hostname? I just made something up ]
> Machine B:
> Windows 98 / Linux [ using Linux ]
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