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Re: changing console cursor

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 03:15:28PM +0200, Leonard Stiles wrote:
> Juha Erkkila <erkkila@st.jyu.fi> writes:
> > i'm looking for a way i can get rid of the blinking underline cursor
> > on console screen.  i'm wishing to have something like a red
> > non-blinking block, something that can be achieved with:
> > 
> > 	echo -e '\033[?17;7;64c'
> > 
> > the problem is that programs like mutt and vim are happy to reset the
> > cursor back to the usual blinking one.  can the cursor somehow be
> > permanently set to some other shape?  or rather, is it easy?
> If you are using bash, you can put the above echo command in the shell
> variable PROMPT_COMMAND, causing it to be run immediately before the
> shell prints a prompt.

that's a nice idea, however it doesn't help with vim and maybe some
other buddies.  i also like to use screen, which is one of those
programs that interferes with cursor changes.  but thus it also might
provide me with some solution.  thanks anyway, i didn't know that a
variable of that kind exists

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