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RE: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

> > You have to join the linux computer to the domain, which
> > requires some level of admin privilages.  (We'll assume you
> > have those)
> >
> > %>smppasswd -j domainname -r NetBIOS-name-of-PDC  (which the
> > linux box needs to be able to resolve, either by broadcast,
> > /etc/hosts or your samba lmhosts file (which should be in the
> > same directory as your smb.conf file)
> No luck I'm afraid (yes, I corrected the typo :).
> I used: smbpassd -j DOMAIN -r pdchostname
> which just gives me a listing of the available parameters.
> Afterwhich i tried:
> smbpassd -s -j DOMAIN -r pdchostname -U <usernamefordomain>
> No luck, just  bunch of errors which I should have copied and sent to
> the mailinglist, heh. But I don't think I'm going about this right. smbpassd
> is only for changing user passwords correct?

RTFMP: -j is the correct option. Under NT you can enter a username and password 
to create a computer account on the Domain, but this functionality appears not 
to have been implemented in Samba. From the man Page:

In order to be used in this way, the  Administrator
for  the  Windows NT Domain must have used the
program "Server Manager for Domains" to add  the 
primary NetBIOS name of the Samba server as a member
of the Domain.

Assuming your machine can resolve the PDC's hostname, I suggest you check this 

Andrew Pritchard
Whether you think you can,
Or whether you think you can't,
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