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Re: Help! All thumbs with prosper and/or seminar.sty in LaTeX

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 02:51:27PM -0400, Glen Snyder wrote:
> Hi. Has anyone produced transparencies using the version of prosper
> class in Debian "testing" . I've tried both the example in prosper and
> the examples in seminar and I have a problem with things bleeding of the
> page when I run latex, and then bizarre scrunched up ouput when I run
> tkdvi and no output when I run dvi2ps -c
> Being fairly new to LaTeX, I've had no problem producing  journal
> documents using the provided templates and tkdvi, and either dvipdfm or
> dvi2ps.  Any tips on how to make nice slides......????I'm almost at the
> desperate stage of dumping all of my postscripts into PwrPoint :(

There is a template for slides...

/me opens "A Guide to LaTeX" by Helmut Kulpa and  Patrick W Daly

right, basically, the document class is slides and each slide goes in a
slide environment, so...


		... stuff for slide ...
		... stuff for slide ...

is a very basic set of slides, the slides class also allows you to make
overlays etc.

There is some documentation available for this and a search on google
for the slides LaTeX class should come up trumps for you.



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