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Re: Deb-Newby: Read HOWTO's? Thanks....

Nuhn Yobiznez, Sunny Dubey, Brett Parker, Including any others that may respond before I get this out,

That last one is a rather long name. BAG! I should have known that but I did NOT. Because I do NOT use the HTML formats in my messages the words will only be standard size. That is NOT meaning that this is NOT a very large "Thank You!"

For what I have seen and read here there are much bigger problems out there for you to work on, GOOD LUCK! I will be reading this list everyday, you will NOT hear from me every day. So what that means is I will know when you schedule the party and celebrate my not bothering you. NO I will NOT attend that function either.

Again to one and all, "Thank You",

Don Hodges
San Antonio, Texas

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