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Re: Deb-Newby: Read HOWTO's?

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 08:59:21PM -0500, d wrote:
> LURKER here again, what is used to read the HOWTO files?  All of the ones I 
> have on my system are ******.gz, I know that means compressed.  What to use 
> to uncompress?  When I used to work on UNIX systems you used a command 
> called "compress" with different switches to do that or to uncompress.

I like to use lynx to read the stuff in /usr/share/doc/*. It handles
gzip textfiles just fine and makes it easy to navigate between files.
If there is HTML documentation you can follow the hyperlinks. BTW, if
you install the doc-linux-html package you get the HOWTOs in hypertext.

dave t.

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