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RE: Deb-Newby: Read HOWTO's? Thanks....

Your comments seemed a little strange...???

I, for one, was extremely glad you posted.
A lot of good suggestions came out.  I would have never thought of using

I don't think that there are BIG and LITTLE problems on this list.  At the
risk of getting flamed I will say that Linux is not the easiest op system in
the world to either install or maintain, and after administering DOS,
Novell, and Windows systems for 10 years, it was an eye openner for me to
move across to Linux.

I think we are all here for one common reason, and that is to help each
other where we can.  I have in the past asked the most simple questions...
and when they are answered I think to yourself "Doh !!   Why didn't I think
of that"?

There are a lot of people who read this list who can benefit from every
comment no matter how large or small.


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> Nuhn Yobiznez, Sunny Dubey, Brett Parker, Including any
> others that may
> respond before I get this out,
> That last one is a rather long name.  BAG!  I should have
> known that but I
> did NOT.  Because I do NOT use the HTML formats in my
> messages the words
> will only be standard size.  That is NOT meaning that this is
> NOT a very
> large "Thank You!"
> For what I have seen and read here there are much bigger
> problems out there
> for you to work on, GOOD LUCK!  I will be reading this list
> everyday, you
> will NOT hear from me every day.  So what that means is I
> will know when
> you schedule the party and celebrate my not bothering you.
> NO I will NOT
> attend that function either.
> Again to one and all, "Thank You",
> TIA,
> d
> Don Hodges
> San Antonio, Texas
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