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Re: Why automatic tools can change /etc/resolv.conf?

>>>>> "Michele" == Michele Dalla Silvestra <dalla@keycomm.it> writes:

Michele> But is correct that an application change /etc/resolv.conf
Michele> even if the administrator write it entirely by hand?

Both pppd and dhclient can receive information about available DNS
servers, and they will try to make that available to other
applications (by adapting /etc/resolv.conf).

Pppd is even nice enough to revert to the original file after

Michele> How can I prevent it?

For pppd, the answer has already been mentioned. If you want to
prevent dhclient from changing /etc/resolv.conf, create a file
/etc/dhclient-enter-hooks with the following contents (it should be

# redefine the function which changes resolv.conf to do nothing
make_resolv_conf() {}

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