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Re: Why automatic tools can change /etc/resolv.conf?

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Michele Dalla Silvestra wrote:

> A little question. Only the Root (the human) should modify a file in /etc,
> and dpkg ask when it may change a config file. This should be good.
> For /etc/resolv.conf, instead, many programs pretend to modify it (script
> from pppd, dhcp-client and so on).
> But for use dynamic dns server one can use dnrd, that can connect to various
> DNS servers dynamically without modify any file!
> If is not possible to put dnrd in any installation, why not modify a file
> like resolv.conf in /var/somewhat and make a symlink in /etc/resolv.conf? If
> an administrator want to make him change in /etc/resolv.conf and be sure
> that a program not modify it, he remove the symlink and create his
> resolv.conf.
Be sure you do not have the option 'usepeerdns' enabled in pppd options.


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