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Re: exim won't relay mail

In article <[🔎] 20010731085227.A5521@harmony.cs.rit.edu>,
dman  <dsh8290@rit.edu> wrote:
>I setup exim on my system this weekend, but it's not working quite
>right.  I had a school assignment to create a simple smtp client so I
>setup exim so I could test it without blocking the phone line.  exim
>delivers locally just fine.  However, it won't send any mail to other
>domains.  I have it configured as a "smarthost" and I can send
>messages using the remote server via telnet.  exim's log seems to
>indicate that it thinks it delivered the message, but messages aren't
>getting out.

They are getting out, but they are probably getting dropped somewhere
along the way.

> From /var/log/exim/mainlog I have :
>2001-07-31 08:44:44 15RYtA-0000Jm-00 <= dman@hudson U=dman P=local S=447
                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^ INVALID
>2001-07-31 08:44:46 15RYtA-0000Jm-00 => dsh8290@cs.rit.edu R=smarthost
>T=remote_smtp H=mail.rit.edu []
>2001-07-31 08:44:46 15RYtA-0000Jm-00 Completed
>which looks to me like I sent the message ('hudson' is the current
>name of my debian box and 'dman' is my login, 'dsh8290@cs.rit.edu' is
>one of my valid addresses at school).  The problem is that I never got
>the message in my inbox (on the school's server).

Some mail server along the way is probably deciding that 'dman@hudson'
is not a valid envelope-from address (which it isn't) and doesn't
deliver the mail. It can't bounce it back to you either, since
'dman@hudson' isn't a valid address.

ALWAYS use valid envelope-from addresses.

"dselect has a user interface which scares small children"
	-- Theodore Tso, on debian-devel

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