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Re: Gnome

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 06:05:10PM -0500, Lute Mullenix wrote:
> I recently did a Woody upgrade on an old IBM. I have been running Woody
> for a couple of months now with no problems, however since doing the
> update/upgrade thing a couple of days ago, my X is all messed up.
> To start with X would not start at all because for some reason
> /etc/X11/X just disappeared. After relinking that it started with
> enlightenment and gnome, this really upset me since I have spent many
> hours setting up Icewm just the way I want it, and I don't like gnome
> or KDE. I just don't use them! Through gnome I was able to get it to use
> Icewm, but that #@$!! gnome is still there. How do I GET RID OF IT? Is
> there a way to undo the update/upgrade so things will go back to the way
> they were before?
> I like the idea of getting the newer versions of the apps I use, but if
> it's going to mess up my whole system every time I do an upgrade, it's
> just not worth it. I like Debian, but this whole thing is really
> starting to tick me off.

# apt-get remove gnome\*

will remove gnome packages and their dependencies.

Are you doing dselect upgrades, or apt-get upgrades?

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