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Re: Printproblem with CUPS and LaserJet 1100

Gast CPU20 wrote:
> Hey Boys and Girls!
> I want to achieve that my LaserJet 1100 provides printing for my windows-network. Unter Suse I did this with Samba and some printing-installing with Yast. Under Debian I heard CUPS is the right utility. So i installed Cups and tried to configure it with my printer. The problem is, that Cups only gives me the possibility to connect the printer to a serial port - but my printer is on the paralell port.
The only time I've seen this, the (self-built: my bad) kernel was not
set up properly to use the parallel port for printing.  Take a look at
your kernel configuration, especially if you built your own.  There are
*3* different settings you need to make to enable this: 


Do the appropriate grep on .config.

And do /dev/lp0 and/or /dev/lp1 exist at all?

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