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Re: locatedb question

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Colin Watson wrote:

> Mike Dresser <mdresser@windsormachine.com> wrote:
> >router:~# locate \* | wc -l
> >68558
> >router:~# updatedb
> >router:~# locate \* | wc -l
> >91395
> >
> >Every night, updatedb runs, and updates, removing something like 21000
> >files from the locatedb.
> Perhaps it's ignoring some of the paths and filesystems it's told to
> prune in /etc/updatedb.conf? Those are only noticed by the cron job, not
> by casual use, unless you source that file.

Well, the thing is, the only difference is that i'm running it as root,
instead of nobody.  The updatedb.conf is the same for both.  Seeing as how
i have no users, i'll likely change the runs as, to root, instead of

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