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Re: Starting with postgreSQL and pgaccess

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 03:09:20PM +0000, Victor wrote:
> Joost Kooij [debian-user] <17/07/01 21:55 +0200>:
> >....Just create a valid user with your id, grant priviledges
> > to create new databases and then after that you can do most or all things 
> > as regular user. 
> First of all, thanks Joost, it now works for the postgres superuser only, not for other users I've defined.
> Now the problem of this absolute beginner is the definition of ID when
> using createuser. What exactly should I input at the prompt for it? My
> user ID as a linux user (the one I find in records in file
> /etc/passwd) or what else?

I'm sorry, I should have mentioned the appropriate tools the first time.
It is all explained in createuser(1).  Also interesting are pg_passwd(1)
and createdb(1).  Run createuser as the postgres admin user. 



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