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Summary: MUA clients similar to Outlook

Thanks to all who posted constructive feedback regarding my question
about MUAs.  Here's a synopsis of the suggestions, along with URLs for
the various products:

KDE2.2/Kmailer -- http://www.kde.org/
Screenshot: http://www.kde.org/screenshots/large/kde2b3_2.png

Looks promising.  However, as I mentioned in my previous message, I'm
brand-new to Linux so I'm going to stick with Gnome for now until I get
more comfortable with general system administration.

Sylpheed -- http://sylpheed.good-day.net/
Screenshot: http://sylpheed.good-day.net/#screenshot

This one looks very promising and I'm currently downloading it as I type

Evolution -- http://www.ximian.com/apps/evolution.php3

Another promising alternative.  I'll be downloading this one as well.

Mozilla Mail/News -- http://www.mozilla.org/
Screenshot:  Didn't find any, but since I'm assuming most of you have
already tried Mozilla, I didn't look too hard. :)

I've used Mozilla Mail back when I set up my first RedHat box a couple
of months ago.  I can't remember exactly why, but there was something I
didn't like about it.    (not exactly helpful, I know)

Aethera --

This looks the most promising (at first glance) of all the applications
in that it offers a holistic PIM application including calendaring,
email, contacts and groupware capabilities.  When I get comfortable
enough with Linux to branch over to KDE, this will be the first email
program I try out.

GNUS -- http://www.gnus.org and http://my.gnus.org
Screenshot: http://my.gnus.org/screenshot.php?id=25

I believe this can run in a console (i.e. no X) which is definitely
appealing.  Requires emacs, which I haven't learned yet (still working
on vi) so it may be a while before I give this one a shot.

Someone else mentioned Balsa in passing.  I used Balsa a couple of
months back and found the IMAP support to be rudimentary at best.  I was
also annoyed at the number of different windows you had to open just to
open a single message.  It's also designed (IIRC) purely as an email
client.  Give it a few months to mature and I think it will be a solid
candidate for pure email.

Thanks again to all who responded with help.  If anyone has any
questions or would like a follow-up email after I've used one of the
above programs, feel free to let me know.


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