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Re: Summary: MUA clients similar to Outlook

On Thursday 12 July 2001 03:14 pm, Kurt Lieber wrote:
> KDE2.2/Kmailer -- http://www.kde.org/
> Screenshot: http://www.kde.org/screenshots/large/kde2b3_2.png
> Looks promising.  However, as I mentioned in my previous message, I'm
> brand-new to Linux so I'm going to stick with Gnome for now until I get
> more comfortable with general system administration.

  KDE apps will run under Gnome as long as the Gnome libraries are installed, 
and vice versa, so you don't have to worry about switching desktops -- you 
can just pick the one you like best and run all your apps with that (or just 
stick with gnome for now).
  So, installing kmail (or aethera), shouldn't be a big deal... as long as 
there are debs, you can just let apt-get/dselect grab all the libraries for 
you, and run them under gnome without any trouble.


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