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OT Ram upgrade options

I'm thinking of buying some more ram for my box.

This is foreign ground to me, and so I have some questions :)


at the moment I have two 32MB sdram dimms on an ASUS TXP4-X mainboard.
My box is about 3 years old.

The mainboard manual has this to say:

Two sockets are available for 3.3 Volt Unbuffered SDRAMs of either 8,
16, 32, 64 or 128 MB to form a memory size of between 8MB and 256 MB.

Memory Speed setup is required through "Auto Configuration" in BIOS
Chipset Setup of the BIOS software. If both 60ns and 70ns memory are
used set "Auto Configuration" to 70ns. Do not use memory modules with
more than 24 chips per module.


1.  I gather you can get PC66, PC100 and PC133 MHz ram.  Does my board
    limit my options to one of these speeds? If so, how can I tell which
    speeds are supported?

2.  Is there anything else I should be careful of?



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