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Re: After power outage, Linux crashing

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001 23:30:55 EDT, David wrote:

> Hello everyone, 
> 	A few days ago,  the power went out while I was using linux.  I am using 
> SuSe linux if that helps.  Fsck fixed the errors, but since then my computer 
> has been locking up.  How do I see what fsck fixed and what is causing my 
> computer to lock up?  I would like to redo linux, but I don't have enough 
> space to back up my data.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> 					David

You can start by inspecting the contents of the "lost+found" directories 
that are located on each partition.  If fsck found unidentifiable data 
(files and/or bits of files) it will have been relocated here.  You will 
have to identify what the file is and where it belongs by the contents, 

You can also force the re-installation of any or all of the packages on 
your system by some means (I don't know how to do this on SuSE, this is 
the Debian list.)  If you had posted more info about the "crashes" then 
perhaps you could get some reasonably helpful responses.  Try posting to a 
SuSE user list, there might be some persons there familiar with the 
peculiarities specific to that distribution.

If you can include the errors that occur (look in your logfiles) before 
the "crash", perhaps someone will be able to figure what specific damage 
has occured.

  Paul T Wright <paul@cvanet.com>
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