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Re: Xine(.deb) DVD Playback

* Hereward Cooper (zadok@phreaker.net) wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using xine + libcss + xine_libcss_plugin to play dvds. The 
> quality of playback wasn't too great compared to previous setups (about 4 
> months ago) so i tried to install the .deb version of xine, and in the 
> process upgrade to testing.
> But once installed I've seen that there is no support for dvd playback in the 
> debian version (e.g. no dvd button). Is this on purpose for legal reasons? 
> And would have changing to the .deb format actually have improved the 
> playback?
> Thanks,
> Hereward


  apt-get xine-dvd

should help you. However, this will only let you play unencrypted DVDs.
To play the encrypted ones you'll have to get, compile and install both
libcss and one of two good plug-ins for xine. At least that's what I did
few days ago after reading http://xine.cjb.net/ and a really great article on 



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