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Re: [users] Re: sysadmin won't allow linux - samba

hi ya

you have to configure samba properly...
redhat is bad about it's default samba config...

too bad that they equate linux with "the whole kitten-n-kaboddle" instead
of just that one badly MIS-configured box

c ya

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Martin F. Krafft wrote:

> also sprach DvB (on Wed, 11 Jul 2001 03:40:00PM -0500):
> > I'm willing to be that's exactly what they're talking about. There was 
> > quite a to do about this a year or so ago when it happened at some large 
> >   company which then banned linux. I believe you have to explicitly tell 
> > samba in the config file to become the master browser though... I don't 
> > think being elected is a problem. However, I'm not a samba expert either...
> redhat's samba has this on by default. debian's doesn't.
> election priorities are on a scale between 0-20 (this is all from
> memory, don't flame me if i am wrong). now tell me *why*, just *why*
> did these clowns in redmond decide on *7* for their domain server?
> because they wanted to have an additional 6 priorities that could
> always steal the master browser position and screw around? another
> case of micro$oft can't even copy the others correctly (did micro$oft
> *ever* do anything *original*, or did they *ever* copy something
> *right*?)
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