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Re: Thin-X-Client-Laptop

Am Mittwoch 11 Juli 2001 12:27 schrieb Schoppitsch Dieter:
> Hi,
> I want to run X-Applications on my (old) laptop (486; Debian 2.0) while
> connected (via PLIP) to the Server (Pentium, Suse 7.1).
> On the laptop I installed the X-server - that means - I am able to move the
> mouse-cursor on the screen only (no menues, no window). On the server I
> installed the whole X-stuff (KDE, applications).
> In textmode I am able to ping and telnet the server.

You've to tell the client that it should use the server, by typing something 
like this:

# X <some options> -query <name or ip of the server>

On the server side you must look up an Xaccess file (don't know where it is 
on SuSE systems) and either allow everyone to get a loginwindow, by putting
a "*" in there or simply specify the laptop name.
Also there's (on debian and redhat) a line to comment out in the xdm-config.
There's a comment about the access stuff in this file.
A restart of xdm/gdm/kdm/whatever is needed.

Hope it helps,

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