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Re: [users] Not Debian related. wvdial

also sprach Wayne (on Sat, 07 Jul 2001 05:05:25PM -0400):
> I'm having a-heck-of-time trying to get my modem
> to work on a new install of redhat 7.1. I did write to
> redhat with my problem, but I have not received any
> answers yet.

big surprise. let me guess, you aren't responsible for five digit
sales sums at redhat, so they give a flying food about you...

> Again ,I have not gotten any responds. Can anyone
> tell me how to get a message to the wvdial sig
> group?

what's your problem?

> P.S. I will be going to Debian soon!!

good for you! you shall never regret, and if it's only for the
debian-user list, which, in my opinion, is one of the best assets one
can have!

yeah debian!

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