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Re: Not Debian related. wvdial

Wayne wrote:

I'm having a-heck-of-time trying to get my modem
to work on a new install of redhat 7.1. I did write to
redhat with my problem, but I have not received any
answers yet. I also tried to sign-on to wvdial  sig.
Again ,I have not gotten any responds. Can anyone
tell me how to get a message to the wvdial sig

P.S. I will be going to Debian soon!!

I haven't responded until now, but not because I'm ignoring you; I just don't know the answer.

However, we might can help you with the modem issue, even though you're using Redhat :-(

I don't know how familiar you are with Linux, so let me ask the first obvious question: is your modem a so-called "winmodem"? If so, you're not likely to ever get it to work with Redhat (or Debian, or BeOS, or OS/2, or anything except what the manufacture decides to let you use with it). Winmodems and winprinters are, in my estimation, absolute trash.

If you don't know if you have a winmodem or not, let us know the make/model, or at least the chipset (look for the numbers on the bigger chips on the, presumably internal, modem). If you have the box/paperwork that came with the modem, does it state that it requires some sort of Windows? (It's okay if it says the included communication software requires Windows, but we're concerned about the modem itself, not the included software).

If it's not a winmodem, you might try minicom (assuming you can get it installed on Redhat; on Debian it's as simple as typing "apt-get install minicom"). Although minicom won't let you "get on the net" so-to-speak, it'll let you make sure the modem is working and you're getting past the login routine of your ISP.

Give us more details and we'll go from there.

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