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Re: Stop apt-get upgrade from messing with fetchmailrc?

I think you should file a wishlist bug report to the fetchmail
maintainer regarding your posting.

fetchmail did not install /etc/init.d/fetchmail in potato and
documentation on howto do it had some issues.  I filed a bug report
pointing out this and maintainer responded by including this init.d
script.  He was very prompt.

Yes, all these init.d scrips are conffile and it should be user's
responsibility to keep it tidy.  But what you described is a hassle which
maintainer may be able to address.  Current script is good for people
with always-on connection.  It is quite understandable some people start
these in PCMCIA or PPP scripts.

Oh, if you can propose patch to current package, I am sure the
maintainer will appreciate.


On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 03:33:52PM +0200, Mart van de Wege wrote:
> Folks,
> I have yet another minor question. I thought to be smart to add a line to
> my pcmcia network startup script to start up fetchmail (in daemon mode) on
> my laptop whenever I plug in the network card. It works great, it just
> runs every 15 minutes during the night, downloading all my mail, and it
> shuts down properly when I unplug in the morning, so I can read my mail on
> the train while commuting to work.
> However I woudn't be posting if I didn't have a problem: whenever I do an
> apt-get upgrade on the laptop, and fetchmail gets upgraded (about 3 times
> last week, running sid), the postinst script detects an existing
> /etc/fetchmailrc and promptly chowns it fetchmail.root and installs
> fetchmail in /etc/init.d. My fetchmail that runs from the pcmcia script
> then starts complaining to the syslog that it doesn't own the fetchmailrc
> file, and the other fetchmail daemon starts complaining about not finding
> the POP servers when I unplug it.
> I am getting a little tired of doing update-rc.d -f fetchmail remove and
> chown root.root /etc/fetchmailrc after every upgrade. So here's the
> question: is it enought to just rename the fetchmailrc file, or is there
> another way of stopping the postinst script of messing with my config? I
> seem to remember it's policy that packages shouldn't mess with local
> versions of config files, hence my question.

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