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Re: Gnome - How to install?

First let me make an apology to Nick for clicking my send button to soon.
Well, I don't have an  .xinitrc file. So I looked at the man page for "startx".
Apparently I'm using the file (xinitrc) in /etc/X11/init. I could see no
referrence to wmaker in this file. So I tried this "startx gnome-session".
Sure enough it started gnome. It doesn't look good, but it started.
I got out of this session ok, but I now have xdm running. Could someone
tell me how to stop xdm from starting?
P.S. I'm going to try building my own .xinirc file.

Nick Jennings wrote:

> edit your .xinitrc (in your home directory)
> there should be one line containing wmaker or something like that, replace
> it with:
> gnome-session
> then try running X again
> On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 04:16:57PM -0400, Wayne wrote:
> > Hi  again,
> > When I installed Debian from the CD I got with
> > the book I purchase, I selected to install all the
> > GNOME stuff on the CD. When I  "startx" I get
> > WMAKER. I would like to have GNOME start.
> > The book doesn't explain how to change
> > this. Could some kind soul point me to some documentation?
> > Wayne.
> >
> >
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