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Windows-like crashes!


I have been successfully using Debian Woody for about 8 months now and I
am proud to say that it's not my default boot.  Recently I've been trying
to get XMPS working and after trying to watch a DivX with crappy quality,
I decided to upgrade to the NVidia drivers from their site.  This went off
without a hitch and now I get the nice NVidia logo when starting

Last night, I decided to recompile my kernel without SMP support (I saw
that I had it compiled in and that it would run faster without it.  After
running make xconfig, I ran make dep modules modules_install.  This
resulted in an error at the SMP part of the compilation at which point I
realized that I have some screwed up kernel source 'cause this happens
every time I try to compile without SMP support.

Oh well, I said, and went to bed.  Today I turned on my machine and the
X-Server wouldn't connect (text login vs. normal gdm).  I thought this was
weird so I tryed `startx'.  This also did not work and after a few hours
of messing around with different things, I recompiled my Nvidia drivers
and now have working gdm again.

HOWEVER, whenever I try to play an MP3 in XMMS or view a movie in XMPS,
the computer locks up completely!  I mean, we're talking Windows-like
jamming (but without the mouse moving) without a Ctrl-Alt-Del response or
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace either.  I have to hard reset my computer and then I
get the usual fsck stuff which says there were "detached" inodes (I
think ... or something like that) which get fixed (after entering the
root password) and then the cycle repeats itself.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

My machine:

Celeron 466
224 MB RAM
8.4 GB Fujitsu (hda)
40 GB Maxtor (hdb -> hdb3 = /)
Diamond Viper V770 (TNT2)
Debian Woody
2.4.2 Kernel
XFree86 4.0.2 (with Nvidia server 1.0? from last week)

Thanks very much in advance,


Andrew Overholt
EngSci 0T3
Junior Bnad Leedur of the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad

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