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Re: I need automount floppy and cdrom - SOLVED

If anyone want to do the same...

The lines that I just include to fstab was:
/dev/cdrom /cdrom    iso9660    user,ro,auto    1 0
/dev/fd0        /floppy    vfat         user,auto    1 0  # You can change vfat
for auto...


David Nusinow wrote:

> On Wednesday 13 June 2001 04:27 pm, Rogelio E. Castillo Haro wrote:
> > thanks David,
> > Yeap, I can include the icon for the directory /floppy and /cdrom on KDE,
> > but if I click on it, It doesn't mount, I must to do it since a terminal as
> > root, then if I click again on that icon, I can see my files...but I want
> > that with a click it automount like in other distribution out of the
> > box...Mandrake, Red Hat...
> In order to be able to mount it without being root, add "user" to the options
> in fstab. It'll let any user mount or unmount the drive, and then you can
> mount it by right-clicking the icon and selecting "mount." You could try the
> "auto" option in fstab for automounting too, but I don't know if it'll work.
> - David Nusinow
>    krmt1984@ucla.edu
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