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Slow and ugly X startup with NVidia drivers

Hello friends,

This is already bothering me for a while, but I never really
cared. But now I just want it fixed.
The problem: I use X 4.0.3 as in testing, and the Nvidia kernel
and GLX drivers, I'm _not_ using the newest ones, because I
heard that there are problems with them.

When I start X with startx, it takes rather long until the
screen is filled with something useful. It flickers a couple
of times, there is a green horizontal line at the top of the
screen, then, as soon as I move the mouse around, or just after
having waited 5 seconds or so, the windowmanager and the GNOME
panel appear. I remember when I was using a PII-400 with the
same graphics card (Nvidia Geforce DDR) but not with the
nvidia drivers, this problem did not occur, and X started alot
faster. so I guess it has something to do with those nvidia
drivers. Could it be some configuration issue I missed? Has
anybody seen this on his/her machine?
I'm using nvidias AGP implementation, not the kernel one

Thanks for any info
Alex Suzuki | asuzuki@NOSPAMbluewin.ch | http://www.cynox.ch
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