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Getting an old boot disk

Hi, its me again, the kid with the 486.  The newest boot disk that i can
get to boot on the 486 is from 1.3.1.  the installation was good,
except, i found out there were no dhcp utilities shipped with 1.3.1.
That was the whole reason i needed to boot with a debian disk, so that i
could get that to work.  My question now is:  if i have a dhcpcd.deb
package, how can i install it on the computer using dpkg-deb??  Idealy,
I'd like to somehow be able to just install 2.0 or above, but that cant
happen until i can boot from the disks.  I was going to transfer the
hard drive into my big computer and install there, then switch the hard
drive, but then the network card would not be configured for the 486,
which brings me back to whrre i am now.  any help would be greatly
appreciated.  thanks.  --mattgerg

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