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Re: Getting an old boot disk

On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 05:46:58PM -0400, Matt Gerginski wrote:
> Hi, its me again, the kid with the 486.  The newest boot disk that i can
> get to boot on the 486 is from 1.3.1.  the installation was good,
> except, i found out there were no dhcp utilities shipped with 1.3.1.
> That was the whole reason i needed to boot with a debian disk, so that i
> could get that to work.  My question now is:  if i have a dhcpcd.deb
> package, how can i install it on the computer using dpkg-deb??  Idealy,
> I'd like to somehow be able to just install 2.0 or above, but that cant
> happen until i can boot from the disks.  I was going to transfer the
> hard drive into my big computer and install there, then switch the hard
> drive, but then the network card would not be configured for the 486,
> which brings me back to whrre i am now.  any help would be greatly
> appreciated.  thanks.  --mattgerg

# dpkg -i package_name.deb
will work if the "dhcpcd.deb" is for the version of debian your using.
If the package is for a later version there may be problems.
Good Luck,

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