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Re: star office debian-correct installation

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 01:50:16PM -0700, Mark Wagnon wrote:

:This started the installation program I put it in
:/usr/local/bin/soffice52. After the installation finished, I then
:logged in as an unpriviledged user, and ran:
:    $ /usr/local/bin/soffice52/program/setup

AFAIR, if you run "soffice" as a regular user it will so the setup
thing (and then exit so you must run soffice again) 

:Then to run StarOffice, you would then run ~/office52/soffice. You
:might want to add ~/office52 to your path.

On my network install I symlinked /usr/local/Office5.2/program/soffice
to /usr/local/bin/soffice, this works fine and is much simple.  In
fact I didn't realize I had a ~/office52/soffice, untill you pointed
that out.

:You may need to log in as root, startx, then run the main SO
:installation before running the user installation.

You don't need to be root, using "sudo" is fine.  If you don't know
what sudo is, install it and read the man page then ask here, it's
*very* useful.

:Hope this helps. If you have any questions, I hope I can answer them.

Wow, you really went the extra mile on this one, much respect.

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