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Very occassional lockups of X

I am running what is essentially a debian woody system (with KDE from CVS on 
top).  This means XFree 4.0.3

Every so often (maybe once every two weeks) the user interface locks solid.  
The cursor disappears and no screen updates occur.

I can still ssh into the machine from elsewhere, and can see that most of it 
is running perfectly.  The only way to clear this is to kill -9 the xserver 
from this ssh connection, at which point the screen springs into life.

I don't know how to go about checking what might be the cause, there seems to 
be no obvious action on my part that causes this to happen.

Anyone else have similar problems?


  Alan                     - alan@chandlerfamilly.org.uk
http://www.chandler.u-net.com or http://www.chandler.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

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