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Re: oh crikey, it's ALSA all over again


just recently installed alsa drivers too...so, i'm just wondering: you
said you untarred alsa into the modules subdirectory? normally the alsa
installation script should do that for you. also, you shouldn't have to
copy files around...with debian anyway. i remember, coming from suse
myself, i used to do that alot too...with debian however, you should be
okay without doing that. basically you should just put all the files
(kernel source, alsa drivers) to wherever you want them to be (myself, i
put them into /usr/src/kernel-source-x.x.x and /usr/src/alsa) then change
over to the alsa directory and run ./configure --with-cards=<the module
for your card> additionally you may have to add another --with for the
directory of the kernel source...

alsa will copy the modules to the appropriate subdirs...afterwards run
./snddevices, that should do the job!



On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Blue Rat wrote:

> Hey ho, 
> Well, you'll never guess. The transition from Mandrake 7.2 to Debian 
> didn't exactly go without a glitch, but I have configured almost 
> everything I need. Almost. Except for ALSA modules, that is. Oh, I have 
> unpacked the kernel source into /usr/src/linux all right; ALSA modules 
> have been untarred into the modules subdirectory where they belong, run 
> configure and I'm fine. Try to make them and I'm told that no version.h 
> file is present in the source directory. Copy it from /usr/include, make 
> - and I'm knee deep in error messages going on and on about declarations 
> about nonexistent parameters. No luck with alsaconf either. My box 
> remains immersed into gloomy voicelessness, and there is no way to 
> support my high with some of Merzbow from my mp3 collection :( 
> Cheerio, 
> Pope Mickey XXIII, Head Priest Of The Blown Fuse Cabal. 
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> 'The bloody master
>  Is bloody dead dead dead'
>  --David Tibet
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