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Re: Installation Problems

Margaret wrote:
 >I assume that no one responded to my original message because it was
 >in rich text format so here it is again - hopefully in plain text
 >this time.
  [ ... ]

I've installed Debian on a similar computer (without a CD-ROM drive)
and along the way had to deal with the error message you're seeing.  I
carefully documented everything...


In particular, check-out this part:
  "Here's another way to boot from Rescue Disk that worked with BIOS
   version 2.70"

My best tip is this: Check your BIOS version.  The computer I had was
given to me with BIOS 2.70 and it needed to be upgraded to 5.0 (big
leap).  Upgrading the BIOS made the Debian disks work a lot better!

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