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Hello debian-user,

I have just installed the tripwire package. Two questions:

1. The directory /usr/lib/tripwire/databases was empty, so I
created a database by doing 'tripwire -initialize'. It looks like
this is a necessary step, because /etc/cron.daily tripwire says
"do not run if there is no database file". I am puzzled about why
there was no instruction to do this during the installation or in
the README.debian file. Was I doing something unnecessary?

2. The file README.debian says, "Please make sure you make
/usr/lib/tripwire a read-only mount point." How do I do this? (It
is not a separate filesystem like /usr or /tmp.)

Many thanks,

N. Raghavendra                    | GnuPG signed/encrypted mail
raghu@mri.ernet.in                | welcome.  Key ID: 03618806.
Harish-Chandra Research Institute |    C75D D0AF 457E 7454 BEC2
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