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Re: SSHD-config

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 03:07:11AM +0200, Frans Schreuder wrote:
:Thanx for your trouble!!!!
:I checked /var/log/auth.log on advise of H.H.Gebel
:Changed an host entry (casesensitivity)of the FREESCO router.
:More importantly, added client in host.allow.

So it works now?  Hmmm. on my system hosts.allow and hosts.deny are
both empty (exept comments), which allows everything from everywhere
(nobody get excited, I'm also running netfilter packet filtering :),
and this is the default I think as I haven't touched them.

These files only apply to services run out of inetd.  I've always
run sshd as a stand alone deamon (though there may be and inetd option
on install I forget)

The case sensitivity of host names is news to me, but after alittle
testing it looks like /etc/hosts *is* case sensitive while DNS lookups
are not, hum, live and learn :)

I'm be interested to know if it still works if you remove the
hosts.allow entry (assuming you haven't edited hosts.deny) 

:Thanx again for the fast response.
:Sure to use this channel again

I think this list is one of the best things about Debian (though apt
is a close second).  I owe it alot...


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