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mutt imap ssl etc

Hi there,

I used to use courier imapd and then switched to uw-imapd and set that up with
an ssl connection only. I self compiled mutt 1.3.15 with ssl support and
everything has been working fine.

However, a new version made it into woody and overwrote my self compiled version
so I downloaded the new source and set about recompiling 1.3.18. However, the
new version uses a different layout within the source package, presumably to
make it work with dpkg-buildpackge which it does. I altered the debian/rules
file to allow ssl connections and after compiling and installing it was indeed
able to connect to the imaps server.

But it won't change folder: my ~/.muttrc sets folder to the correct location
and I get the folder listing correctly in mutt, but when it tries to select a
different folder it dies with a:
SELECT failed: Can't open mailbox /debian: no such mailbox

I've now gone back to 1.3.15 and that's still working.

Anyone any ideas?



Matthew Sackman

Using Debian/GNU Linux
Enjoying computing

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