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I am trying to use the userdb functionality of sendmail.  I am currently
running sendmail from testing, with a 2.4.4 kernel.  I have tried to
make sendmail rewrite the userid of my outgoing mail, by modifying:
although, I suspect that the .mc file is modified by the contents of the
.m4 files.

The O'Reilly book specifies setting up a file, ie:
-which in turn contains "key<tab>value" entries such as:
	bob:mailname		BobTheDuck@hostname.wherever.com
	BobTheDuck:maildrop	bob
(with apologies to Eric Allman and Bryan Costales)
-and then making this into a database with the makemap command.

Is anyone doing this with sendmail 8.11.x?  If so, could someone please
enlighten me as to why my mods to the above files had no effect?

Thanks in advance,

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