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Re: fvwm2

On 23 May, Joerg Johannes wrote:

> 4.) the background and mouse pointer. The background (and the
> mouspointer) fvwm2 uses are just the same as in the gdm login screen. I
> tried to set a pixmap for the background, but xsetroot seems to accept
> only black/white xbm's. I remember from SuSE times that there was a grey
> tiled image. How can I set this (permanently). And how can I have a
> "normal" mouse pointer, not the X-shaped gdm thing?

IIRC, if you put a picture named background.[extension], for instance
background.xpm, in ~/.fvwm2/ it'll get used automatically.
Or use a program like xv or xloadimage, called from, for instance,
~/.xsession to put the pic in the background.

For the cursor, as other have stated, the fugly X thingy is the
standard pointer, you may of course design your own. Involves one
or two small bitmap files. Then do:

xsetroot -cursor rootcursor.bmp rootcursor_mask.bmp

in for instance ~/.xsession.

First argument is bitmap with the black part, second is the mask. If
its 'black parts' are wider than the first files, you'll get a white 
outline of the cursor (as I use the same pic as mask I get no white
surround to the cursor)


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