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Hi List

Using sid in the most recent version with XFree4.0.3, I just switched to
the good old fvwm I used to have in SuSE times (I never liked KDE and

1.) .Xresources. Well, the problem I have is: when starting emacs from
the fvwm-mennu, it starts up with default values (white background,
standard geometry,...). When I start it from an xterm, it starts with
the options I set in .Xdefaults and .Xresources (In fact, these two are
hardlinked). So, why doesn't fvwm read these files?

2.) I use gdm as login manager (because of the "shutdown" option). When
logging out of fvwm2, I don't get the login screen back, but only an
empty root window with mouse pointer. Falling back to the login screen
works with all other WM'S (e.g. enlightenment, gnome, kde). What could
cause this?

3.1) the menus (general). I have poked around in the reades, and read a
lot about "hook files". I did not quite understand how to use them. I
understood it in so far, that it is not very smart to have a personal
menu in my .fvwm directory, because the system-wide menu file is changed
by the menu-generation script. I can add entrys to 
the sytem-wide menus by adding them to the several hook-files, but I
cannot remove entrys, because I had to set up a personal menu and would
lose the comfort of a script-updated menu when installing new programs.
Now, what can I do to have custom menus?

3.2) the menus (icons). the fvwm menus use the same icons as
enlightenment menus. the only difference is, that they are not scaled.
e.g., the emacs icon is three times larger than the font height.this
looks rather funny (or better: cridiculous) Is it possible to scale the
images inside the menus, or do I have to change the icons themselves?

4.) the background and mouse pointer. The background (and the
mouspointer) fvwm2 uses are just the same as in the gdm login screen. I
tried to set a pixmap for the background, but xsetroot seems to accept
only black/white xbm's. I remember from SuSE times that there was a grey
tiled image. How can I set this (permanently). And how can I have a
"normal" mouse pointer, not the X-shaped gdm thing?

OK, these were quite a lot of questions, hopefully there are still soume
fvwm users out there who can help me



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