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Re: What's up with the list?

> You're not the only one.  Stepped out for a bite to eat, came back to
> about 110 msg in German.  Let's see...I was gone for about 2 hrs, so
> 55/hr  hey! that's even busier than the english lang list
> gt

You think that's bad!  There I was, studying for my German exam tomorrow.  
Since, I needed a break, I decided to read debian-user.  Imagine my suprise 

I honestly thought I'd snapped.  Too much studying, I decided.  My mind must 
be tranlating everything I saw.  Let me tell you, I was mighty reassured when 
I checked the headers and the mail was in fact coming from Germany.  I guess 
I'm sane after all.  And, on the up side, I just some good German practice.  


Chris Cyll

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