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Re: German language: news@einstein.holzland.thur.de gatewayed to debian-user

on Sat, May 19, 2001 at 04:28:01PM -0700, Karsten M. Self (kmself@ix.netcom.com) wrote:
> I've just noted a slew of posts to debian-user in German.  All have an
> X-Envelope-Sender header pointing to news@einstein.holzland.thur.de.  It
> appears someone's set up a news => mail gateway on this box pointing
> into debian-user.  I count 49 messages currently.

I've been asked how I traced the information on this and/or worked out
what was going on.

/me places hat on table.

The first hint was that messages were all in German, though they
appeared to be directed to a number of different mail and news lists.
My suspicions were that a gateway might be misconfigured (intentionally
or otherwise).

A quick scan of headers showed a consistent X-envelope-sender
immediately prior to murphy.debian.org (the Debian mailinglist server)
of news@einstein.holzland.thur.de.  Since murphy is the source of all
things debian-user, a consistent upstream source is the likely suspect
of any odd happenings on list.

I ran a command-line 'whois' on premutations of the name, hitting gold
on 'thur.de', coming up with a contact list that I included in my
earlier email.  The listmaster@debian.org address is listed on the main
Debian mailing lists

Now where'd I put that rabbit?

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