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Debian install/2.4 Kernel/ATA-100 RAID

Hello everyone,

I've been following this list for a few weeks now, starting to become more and more interested in Debian. Right now I am running my box on redhat 7.1 (2.4 kernel), on an IDE Raid 0 (striped) array. I am using the HPT 370 Raid controller on my abit kt7-raid, in software mode however, as the chipset is only supported as an ATA-100 controller in linux, not a raid controller :(. How I did this was during the installation of RedHat, it allowed me to create a raid partition for /. I also made normal ext2 partitions for /boot, and a swap partition. Now my system boots fine off of /dev/md0.

Now, to come to the point(!) I'd like to know the status of a deb distrib (Woody i guess?) that ships with 2.4 kernel packages (for ATA-100), and will allow raid partitions set up in installation. I have heard that if you install using apt-get to grab just the packages you want, could it be somehow setup to install 2.4 kernel packages instead of the default? is the default in woody or sid already 2.4? (I don't get the impression it is, but..) Is their any way to set up a raid partition in the setup process currently? if not is their one being planned and/or tested?

Basically, what do I need to do here to get myself converted ;-)


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