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Re: Debian samba 2.2.0

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 03:19:40PM +0800, Lindsay Allen wrote:
> I installed samba_2.2.0.final-2.deb but ran into a problem.  Profile
> loading by W98 clients does not work for me.
> Can ayone please either confirm or deny that they are having the same
> problem so that I know where to start looking.
> And has anyone got samba debs for potato?

i've got potato and did "apt-get install samba" and it installed,
no problem.

executing was the problem. it started making tcpd clone itself
(very slowly -- five in one day) while eating up 98% of all cpu

luckily "apt-get --purge remove samba-common" worked pretty well,

so my windows users still get to use ftp until i understand
(which is unlikely, as i don't speak the brogue that the samba
docs are written in).

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