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Emacs sends mail, but doesn't show-up in exim.

I COULD USE some advice on where to begin trouble-shooting the
following problem.  Sometimes email that I send from Emacs (using C-x
m compose-mail) does _not_ appear in exim.  Buffer *Messages* says
"sending... done" but sometimes the email does not appear in
/var/spool/exim/input (they accumulate there until PPP connection).

Mail to "rcymbala@yahoo.com" gets into exim's queue, but mail to
"cymbala@juno.com" does _not_.  Mail to "sam.michalowski@juno.com"
does _not_ appear in exim.  Glad I caught that fact, but I wonder how
many other messages disappeared into thin air.

Packages installed:


Help!  thank you

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